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"Parhit bas jinke man manhi | tinkahu jag durlabh kachhu nanhi"
"Those who keep others interests in mind, for them nothing is rare in this world"

-Tulsidas (Ramcharitmanas)


Office: Room #223, Rougeou Hall
Address: P.O. Box 44170, Lafayette,LA 70504
Phone: (337) 482-5361
Fax: (337) 4821129
E-mail: suren7483@gmail.com

You have reached the personal website of Surendran Dwivedi,Professor and The Director of UL Lafayette's Virtual Reality and Product Realization Laboratory and also is a Professor in UL Lafayette's Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. This website has been developed as a means to provide the full picture of academic activities that is currently impossible to do within the space restrictions of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette webpage.

In this website, you can read a brief biographical note, a full expose of various journals and edited volumes, a full CV in pdf format & an overview of my evolving research agenda, as well as my participation in various national and international research projects. Finally, it is possible to glance at the full version of my curriculum vitae , inclusive of the full list of courses offered, the list of journals I have served as referee & the full list of paper presentations.