"Parhit bas jinke man manhi | tinkahu jag durlabh kachhu nanhi" - Tulsidas (Ramcharitmanas)
"Those who keep others interest in mind, for them nothing is rare in this world"


Office:Room:#223,Rougeou Hall
P.O. Box 44170,Lafayette,LA 70504
Phone: (337) 482-5361
Fax: (337) 4821129

Dr. Suren N. Dwivedi, the Board of Reagents Eminent Scholar, Professor and the Director of UL Lafayette's Virtual Reality and Product Realization Laboratory and also is a Professor in UL Lafayette's Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

I have done extensive meaningful research in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, organized many technical workshops and seminars, and has consulted major corporations, such as Ford Motor Co., GM, GE, and IBM. He has published more than 200 research papers in the broad domain of Product Development, Green Manufacturing, Shipbuilding and Robotics and had edited several conference proceedings. I have guided over 100 students at MS and Ph.D. levels. Dr. Dwivedi has been involved in countless research projects from NSF, DOE, BoRSF, DARPA, NASA, US-Army, and Navy. He founded the International Society for Productivity Enhancement, International Journal of Agile Manufacturing and the International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems and serves as Chief Editor of the latter. I was also a co-founder and Associate Editor for the International Journal of Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications.

I am also recipient of more than 30 awards for teaching and research, professional activities and community services including the Outstanding Researcher Award for 1990-91 and 1991-92 at West Virginia University, and he also received the Outstanding Leadership Award there in 1993. Recently he has been awarded with the most honorable award by Louisiana Engineering Foundation for faculty professionalism award.

My passion to see every child receive an education,made me engages in many public services including involvement in The Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, a program in India providing education to children across the country. In addition, to serving as President of the World Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES), a collective scholastic effort to explore and educate the past, present and future.

As a professor, I teaches challenging courses, but also maintains an admirable relationship with his students and I believe that there is no shortcut in life, we have to work hard. Everybody can't be Einstein, but everyone can work hard.