Community Activities

  1. Chairman, B.o.D., World Association of Vedic Studies (WAVES), Oct., 2004-Oct., 2009 (and Vice Chairman, Dec., 2001-Dec., 2004).
  1. President, Brahmana Samaj of North America (BSNA), LA.. Chapter, 2002 to 2009.
  1. Co-coordinator in the effort to raise more than $35,000 within the Acadiana region for victims of the 2004 Tsunami.
  1. Co-coordinator, Non-Resident Forum for Secular Front, July, 2002 to date.
  1. Co-coordinator and Member, Ekal Vidyalaya, for which collected funds are used to open and maintain 22 schools for the rural poor in India (2001 to date).
  1. President (and former Vice President), Acadiana Indian Association.
  1. Collected $13,000 for victims of terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
  1. Co-coordinator, Hindu Sanatanadharma School, Lafayette, La., 1995 to date.
  1. General Secretary (state level), Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh, 1995 to date.
  1. One of the Coordinators of many social and cultural activities of the Indian Community of Acadiana, 1995 to date.
  1. Donor of gifts to needy children during Christmas holidays, 1995 to date.
  1. Volunteer and Donor for the Knights of Columbus Cafeteria Plan for Mentally and Physically Handicapped Children, Lafayette, Louisiana ,2004-2005.
  2. President, Acadiana Indian Association 1999 to date
  3. Co-Director, NRI Secular Democratic Front, 1998 to date
  4. Vice-President, Acadiana Indian Association, Lafayette, LA, 1997 to date
  5. Organizer, Symposium of Ancient Indian Studies, UL Lafayette, Lafayette, LA, Oct. 25, 1995
  6. Organizer, Church Sunday School, Lafayette, LA, 1995 to date
  7. Member, World Association of Vedic Sciences (WAVES), USL, 1995 to date
  8. Member, Brahman Samaj of North America (BSNA), 1995 to date
  9. Member, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), 1984 to date
  10. Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series, USL, 1995 to date
  11. Coordinator, Manufacturing Systems Seminar Series, 1988-1995
  12. Coordinator, Concurrent Engineering Seminar Series, WVU/CERC, 1988-1995
  13. Program Chairman, YAGNA for Peace, Sept. 21, 1991
  14. Faculty Advisor, Indian Students Associations, WVU, 1989-1994
  15. Task Leader of Curriculum Development, CERC, 1988-1991
  16. Secretary, Faculty-College of Engineering, LINCC, 1984
  17. Program Chairman, Southeastern Hindu Conference on "World Peace and Hindu Philosophy" held at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, July 3-5, 1987
  18. Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series, UNCC, 1984-1988
  19. Committee Member of Academic Progression, Laboratory Equipment, Minority Summer Recruitment, Special Task Force, College Constitution, Faculty Search, College Graduate
  20. Fund-raiser, United Way, Charlotte, NC, 1984-1987, and for Hindu Center, Charlotte, NC, 1982-1987
  21. President, Asian Indians Association, Norfolk, 1980
  22. Vice President, Indian Cultural Association, Charlotte, 1985
  23. Treasurer, India Club, Charlotte, 1984
  24. Professor-in-Charge, International Program, Norfolk, 1980-1981
  25. Director, Brahmarshi Mission, USA, 1981-1985
  26. State Representative, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, USA, 1982-1986
  27. Faculty Advisor, Indian Students Association at the Old Dominion University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte