Research Supervision


  • Received and worked on research grants and contracts from NSF, NASA, IBM, DARPA, NIST, US Air Force, US Army, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, at University of Wisconsin, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, West Virginia University, and many other institutions and organizations.

  • Received a grant from BoRSF for 3 years, Minnesota, MN, May 2000.


    1. Developing Multidisciplinary Lean Manufacturing Course through Virtual Reality and Inquiry-Based Learning, BORSF funds $139,975 from 2009-2011.
    2. Co-Principle investigator, NSF proposal titled “Collaborative Research-Marine Career Tech (MC Tech): STEM Careers and Ship Building and Marine Industry, 2009-2012 ($939428)
    3. Co-Principle investigator, BoRSF Proposal titled “Faculty & Curriculum Enhancement for Two Year Institutions by Incorporating Lean Manufacturing and Digital Manufacturing,” 2007-2008($70,000).
    4. Principle investigator, “The Development of an Interactive Virtual Reality Module for teaching Production Concepts,” BoRSF, 2007-2008 ($86,304)
    5. Co-Principal Investigator, ITRS Proposal titled “Collaborative E-business Management: A Roadmap for Louisiana Businesses” supported by BORSF, 2002 – 2003 ($100,000). Dr. Ramesh Kolluru is the Principal Investigator.
    6. Establishment of the Louisiana Supply Network Education Test Bed (LouiSNET), 2002-2004 (Co-P.I.) BORSF,156,596
    7. Enhancement of Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum in Design and Manufacturing Courses through Implementation of Product Realization, 2002-20045(P.I.), BORSF, 103,500.
    8. In-kind support from industries for above grant, from various sources,
    9. NASA, Stennis Space Center, Summer Faculty Fellowship, $12,000, 2001.
    10. Principal Investigator, “Intelligent Knowledge Based Engineering Model for Injection Molded Plastic Parts” Proposal, 1999 – 2002 ($153,000).
    11. Langley Research Center /NASA Fellowship $13,500, 2002.
    12. Support from industries for three years for above grant period for 2001 (in-kind), GE, ASH Industries, Advance Plastics, Chrysler, SSI, etc., 195,000
    13. Support from industries for three years for above grant period for 2002 (in-kind), GE, ASH Industries, Advance Plastics, Chrysler, SSI, etc., 195,000
    14. Support from industries for three years for above grant period for 2003 (in-kind), GE, ASH Industries, Advance Plastics, Chrysler, SSI, etc., 195,000
    15. Application of intelligent Knowledge Based Engineering in Development of Automobile parts from year 1999-2001 , GM/Signaw, 49,500
    16. Principal Investigator (Consultant), Application of IPPD in Hardware, United Defense L.P., Armament Division, Fridley, MN May to June 2000 ($30,000)
    17. Principal Investigator (Consultant), Development of State-of-the-Art report for Ship Building Industries, Gulf Mary Technological Center, Arandale, LA, April 2000 ($8,000)
    18. Principal Investigator, Knowledge-based Engineering in IPPD, DELPHI System, 1997-99 ($49,935)
    19. Principal Investigator, MSFC/NASA Fellowship, June to August 1998 ($11,800), Undergraduate Fellowship ($4,100)
    20. Principal Investigator, JSC/NASA Fellowship, June to August 1996 ($11,800), Undergraduate Fellowship ($8,200)
    21. Various projects, General Motors, May 1994 to June 1995 ($145,000)
    22. Principal Investigator, Development of a 3-D finite element code for fluid flow and heat transfer. (ii) Development of X-Windows/MOTIF-based user interface. Concurrent Technologies Corporation, 1993 ($78,000)
    23. Principal Investigator, Development of a Process Modeling Methodology and a finite element analysis code for semi-solid metalworking, Concurrent Technologies Corporation, 1994-95 ($100,000)
    24. Principal Investigator, Mechanical properties of composites with degradation at interface due to hydrothermal effects, 1994, NIST ($15,000)
    25. Principal Investigator, Technology Transfer Project from Ford Motor Company, 1992-1993 ($249,999)
    26. Principal Investigator, Development of Integrated Constitutive Models, Modeling, and Optimization for Isothermal Rolling of Superalloys, 1991-1993 ($35,000)
    27. Principal Investigator, Technology Transfer Project from Ford Motor Company, 1992 ($165,568)
    28. Principal Investigator, Quality Function Deployment. (ii) ABS Modeling, Ford Motor Company, 1992 ($83,740)
    29. Co-principal Investigator, DARPA Initiative in Concurrent Engineering (DICE) Project, 1988-1992 ($25 million)
    30. Principal Investigator, Development of a shell element for sheet metal forming from Swanson Analysis Systems, 1991-92 ($25,056)
    31. Principal Investigator, Modeling of Anti-brake Systems and (ii) Integration of QFD with CAD, Ford Motor Company, 1991 ($89,000)
    32. Principal Investigator, Indo-U.S. Forum for Cooperative Research and Technology Transfer (IFCRTT), from NSF, 1990-1991 ($80,950)
    33. Workshop on Concurrent Engineering, sponsored by ASEE, 1991 ($17,500)
    34. Principal Investigator, International Conference on CAD/CAM, Robotics and Factories of the Future, from NSF, 1989-1990 ($41,250)
    35. Principal Investigator, Quality Function Deployment in Automotive Industries, from Ford Motor Company, 1990 ($49,107)
    36. Principal Investigator, Modeling and Optimization for Isothermal Rolling of Super Alloys, from Cytemp Specialty Steel, Bridgeville, 1990 ($45,248)
    37. Principal Investigator, Design of Electro-Mechanical Actuators for Large Booster Rockets, NASA, 1991-1994 ($22,000/yr for three years)
    38. Principal Investigator, Automated Tape Laying, from NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, 1990-1993 ($22,000/yr for three years)
    39. Principal Investigator, Flexible Modular Structure for Space Works & Ground Robotic Server, and selection in the conceptual design, 1990-93 ($22,000/yr for three years)
    40. Principal Investigator, Design Automation for Casting Process, from NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, 1990-93 ($22,000/yr for three years)
    41. Principal Investigator, Automated Assembly by Robots in Space Stations, from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 1989-92 ($22,000/yr for three years)
    42. Principal Investigator, Knowledge-based System for Manufacturability and Assembly for the Capacitive Array Skin Sensor, NASA, 1989-1992 ($22,000/yr for three years)
    43. Principal Investigator, Constraints-based Models for Composite Tape Laying, 1989-92 ($22,000/yr for three years)
    44. Development of Constitutive Equations and Processing Maps Using Dynamic Computer Modeling, from National Science Foundation, Material Processing Division, Washington, D.C., 1987-1988 ($30,000)
    45. Principal Investigator: Received two grants for the development of an intelligent gripper for space robot from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, 1986-1988 ($16,667)
    46. Principal Investigator: Received a grant for the development of an intelligent sensor from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, 1986-1988 ($75,000 + $40,000)
    47. Received award for research in Field Robotics from the Manufacturing Systems Division (ROA), National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C., 1987-1988 ($72,000)
    48. Received research contract related to design for manufacturability and automation from Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems Division, IBM, Boca Raton, FL, 1985-1986 ($32,000)
    49. Selected and received ASEE Summer Research Fellowship for the first and second year from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, 1985 ($8,000)
    50. Received research contract for the study of deformation modes and transient impact distribution of deforming composite materials using the viscoplasticity method from NASA/Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, 1980-1981 ($8,815)
    51. Research contract from Army Research Office, Research Triangle Park, NC, 1987 ($9,500)
    52. Received six awards for curriculum and faculty development from Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Dearborn, MI, 1980-1986 ($6,800)
    53. Received five grants for Faculty Development, Robotics Lab Development, Research Assistant and Summer Research from internal university sources, 1982-1984 ($18,500)